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Honda Showcase New Automated Driving Technologies

Honda Showcase New Automated Driving Technologies

15 September 2014

Honda Showcase New Connected Car and Automated Driving Technologies at 2014 ITS World Congress in Detroit


  • Demonstration of Honda’s automated driving technology with industry-leading motorway entry, exit and lane change capabilities
  • Unique driver-to-driver “virtual tow” technology, vehicle-to-motorcycle and vehicle-to-pedestrian/bicycle also to be demonstrated


Honda has showcased several of its latest developments in intelligent transportation technology at the 2014 ITS World Congress in Detroit. The event features a public road demonstration of Honda’s automated driving technology with industry-leading capabilities including automated motorway merging, exiting and lane changing, as well as a unique, new vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) ‘virtual tow’ capability for assisting a driver in distress.


Honda will also highlight its other latest advancements in ‘V2X’ technologies, including vehicle-to-pedestrian/bicycle (V2P/B) and vehicle-to-motorcycle (V2M).


“The creation and deployment of advanced, intelligent transportation systems represent the new frontier in the effort to one day eliminate traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities,” said Emmet Kavanagh, Marketing Manager, Universal Honda Ltd. “We are demonstrating our vision for realising Honda’s dream of a collision-free society by showcasing our continued technological innovations in active safety, connected and automated vehicle technology.”


The pursuit of a collision-free society is part of Honda’s global safety concept of ‘Safety for Everyone’ and the company’s efforts to use technology to provide enhanced protection for car occupants, motorcycle riders, pedestrians and other road users. This includes numerous industry-leading initiatives in the areas of active and passive safety, pedestrian injury mitigation, motorcycle rider safety and collision compatibility.


Consistent with this philosophy, Honda is also broadly deploying advanced driver-assist and early-stage automated driving technologies which help improve drivers’ situational awareness, for example Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, Collision Mitigation Braking System™ and Road Departure Mitigation.


The key Honda activities at the ITS World Congress exhibit and demonstration spaces include:


  • Automated Motorway Driving – a 13km motorway loop in the downtown Detroit area providing attendees with an automated driving experience in a real-world traffic environment. The Honda system being demonstrated incorporates automated vehicle steering and braking and the capability for automated motorway entry, exit, lane change and other sophisticated manoeuvres.
  • Vehicle-to-Pedestrian/Bicycle – using dedicated short range communications (DSRC)-based communication between the vehicle and the pedestrian or bicycle rider’s compatible smart phone (with proprietary V2P/B application), Honda V2P/B technology alerts both the driver and pedestrian/bicycle rider to a potential collision, and allows the driver and pedestrian/bicycle rider to exchange messages.
  • Vehicle-to-Motorcycle – using communications between the vehicle and motorcycle, Honda V2M technology will alert the driver and rider of a potential collision.
  • V2V “Virtual Tow” – this Honda-first technology utilises connected car technology to empower a driver to assist another driver in distress. The driver in need of assistance is able to alert surrounding vehicles to the need for assistance, at which point an assisting driver can virtually link up and “tow” the vehicle – with the trailing vehicle taking its driving cues from the lead vehicle via connected-car (V2V) technology and automated system – to a location where the driver can receive emergency services, such as a hospital.
  • Lane-level Hazard information plus Automated Lane Change – Using a combination of connected car and cloud communication technology to detect and inform drivers of a hazard in a lane with a live image of the hazard detail. Upon receiving the detailed information the trailing vehicle can perform an automated lane change and continue smooth driving without interruption.


To see more of Honda’s Automated Driving and Connected Car Technologies in action, please see the film on our YouTube Channel -

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