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Social Media Q&A on Honda NSX with Ted Klaus

Social Media Q&A on Honda NSX with Ted Klaus

16 September 2013

Social Media Interview with Ted Klaus – Large Project Leader for the Honda NSX

Frankfurt Motor Show 2013




When will the new NSX be available?  Will it be available in Europe?


The new NSX will be available from 2015 - first in North America.  As a global model, it will definitely be available in Europe sometime following the US launch.  Unfortunately, official details about which markets and specific on-sale dates will be announced in the future, but thank you for the interest!


Where will the new NSX be built? Why did you choose this location?


The new NSX will be built in a brand-new, dedicated production factory called The Performance Manufacturing Centre, it is close to the existing Honda R&D and Manufacturing facilities in Central Ohio so it was the natural choice to build the car there. Honda’s US facilities have over 20 years of development and 30 years of manufacturing experience creating products of the highest quality close to our customers.


How much will the new NSX cost? When can I order one?


The pricing of the new NSX will fall in the same range of the lower end of the supercar pricing range. We will start sales of the NSX in 2015



What is it like developing an iconic Honda model as a non-Japanese person at a Japanese company?


Well, my wife jokes that I am half Japanese since we lived there for 2 years and I travel there so often. Honda is an entrepreneurial company where all of our associates are encouraged to pursue our passions in order to create new value for our customers... so I guess my answer is that it is humbling to have this opportunity and to have the trust of my global team.


Where is the new NSX being developed? Why the U.S. not in Japan?


Leveraging the best minds within Honda, I am leading a global development team. Japan is tasked with the powertrain (engine and transmission) and the hybrid systems development. The US centre will develop the frame and integrate the power train into the total package, and Europe will be critical for the final dynamic refinement of the vehicle.


Are there any specific elements of the original NSX that will be retained in the new model? How will you keep the character of the original car?


Great question! First and foremost - a mid-ship layout with a VTEC V6 engine. Next, an intense focus on delivering response according to the "will of the driver", and finally a sensitivity to "human fit" that shows itself in our approach to support the driver with a human support cockpit - wonderful visibility, simple ergonomics......these are fundamental elements that will enable us to deliver anew the NSX character. The new NSX will rewrite the previous generation to match current market conditions, without losing the above iconic characteristics of the original NSX.


Why has it taken so long to introduce a new NSX?

We have been continuously dreaming about the NSX successor, but the fact is we were not able to introduce into the market a physical representation.  Now, with the clear NSX concept that links back to the heritage of the original NSX, we are certain to bring this model back in 2015.



What benchmarks have been used for the new NSX? Who are its main competitors?


We have been testing the best of the current crop of supercars in order to appreciate current customer expectations.   These include Porsche 911, Audi R8 and R8-GT, as well as Ferrari 458 Italia.


Why did you choose to make the new NSX a hybrid? What can you tell me about the system?


Good question! We chose to make the new NSX true to the challenge - living up to its initials - NEW SPORTS EXPERIMENTAL - we need to stay true to the original NSX core values, yet to achieve this required exploration of new technologies including Sport hybrid.  In addition to supporting a low centre of gravity and concentrating the mass near the driver, the 3 motors respond at the will of the driver under acceleration, braking, and turning such that the drive will offer "vivid response" like never before.


What information can you give about the engine size/layout, power and torque?


I can confirm that the new NSX will feature a mid-mounted, direct injection VTEC V6 engine mated to an all-new dual clutch transmission (DCT) and a 3 motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive).


Can I have one?


Yes, but first please be patient as we engineer the vehicle to deliver on the promise of NSX!


What is your favourite Type R model of all time?


My favourite Type R model of all time was the 1998-2001 Integra Type-R because that is the vehicle I in which I took driver training at the Nordeschleife and to date, that is one of my most memorable, pure motoring experiences.


What are you most satisfied about on the new NSX?


Tough question! I am most satisfied that the New NSX stays true to the meaning of the original NSX - "New Sports Experimental" - challenging us to develop new technologies, and bring new meaning to the next generation NSX customer.


Will the new NSX participate in any Motor sport series?


We plan to develop both great road car specs and race car specs. At this stage, we have announced that we will participate in the 2014 Super GT (GT500) race with the NSX GT in Japan.


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