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New Honda Civic Test Drive Reviews

New Honda Civic Test Drive Reviews

31 January 2012

The  New Honda Civic is making a great impression on the Motoring Journalists of Ireland. We're linking to just some of the articles below from Ireland's top motoring writers, and we'll be adding more as they are published.


Irish Times - click here - click here - click here

Irish Car & Travel Magazine - click here 

Motoring Life Magazine - click here - click here

Irish Independent - click here

Galway Advertiser - click here

Below are just some of the quotes from the Irish Motoring Press in praise of the New Civic

‘One of the most comfortable in its class’
‘A very smooth and controlled performer’
‘The new Civic has a real premium feel and should set as a benchmark against the premium brands’
‘Once more, Honda delivers much more than we expected.’
‘The interior of the Civic is a joy’
‘Competent cars we have become used to, here’s one that’s actually fun to drive’
‘One of the few cars in its sector that you’d take out for a spin, just for the sake of it. ‘
‘Noticeable from the off is the sure-footedness of the car, its handling is impressive and reassuring’
‘There’s great feedback from the road wheels through the steering wheel and the chassis inspires confidence, it’s genuinely fun to drive on back roads.’
‘Take the new Civic for a test drive, you won’t be disappointed’
‘More capable than ever of taking on its rivals such as Volkswagen’s Golf, once you take a test drive, I’m sure you’ll agree’
‘Honda in Ireland are directly targeting the mainstream players in the compact family car arena….. and on a first run in the car on Irish roads, it looks like they have a fairly potent weapon in their arsenal to do just this’
‘A car that is arguably the best built in its segment, certainly it feels that way’
‘The new Civic handled very well indeed’
‘The Civic feels taut, smart and classy with a well-made cabin, good storage space and a high-quality trim. Dynamically it is good, with excellent handling and powerful and economical engines’
‘Refinement will match the expectations of premium car buyers’
‘Civic is much more mature and a more attractive car than the out-going model’
‘The New Honda Civic has evolved into an excellent car’
‘A very good car just got even better’
‘The revised suspension delivers a rewarding handling package’
‘The diesel is powerful and responsive, soaks up motorway miles with ease, handles well with good body control’
‘A distinct up-market feel’
‘I came away remembering it for its comfort, ease of drive, control and surefootedness’
‘The best Civic to date’















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